The Design Process

Step 1: It all starts with the brief. In this case, a mascot to be named 'Hugo' was required for the Hug in a Bag cancer charity, to be used across a wide variety of print and digital media. After talking with the client to identify the scope of the project, we started with a bit of research on how other mascots were designed for organisations all over the world. That was enough to set the creative juices flowing and we then created series of initial thumbnail sketches and ideas.

Step 2: After refining the most suitable ideas, we presented three ‘finished’ design directions to the client.

Step 3: After an open discussion with the client and responding to their questions and suggestions, it was decided that all three approaches would be used for different applications: watercolor style for greetings cards, sketched style for a promotional campaign and graphic style for everything else.

Step 4: We were then able to integrate the final design across the full range of marketing materials. The design strategy incorporated bold, funny and eye-catching elements but in a thoughtful and controlled manner (however nobody mentioned cute - that was a happy accident!). It was essential that the design have a dynamic and colourful look that would appeal to all ages and combine a feel-good factor with the encouragement of donor involvement. Response to each application has been overwhelmingly positive and we continue to remain a valued partner in the organisation's many campaign objectives.

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